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Village of San Jose


List of Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our Website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this Website.

If you would like your business added to this list please contact the Village Clerk. Thank you.


 A through F

Name: Ameren Illinois
Business Type: Electric Company
Phone: 888-672-5252
Web Address:http://www.ameren.com/illinois


Name: BreeHaus

Business Type: Auction Services
Address: S. 2nd Street 


Name: Casey's General Store
Business Type: Gasoline sales, food sales, packaged liquor sales
Address:116 E. Main Street
Web Address: www.caseys.com

Name: Christopher Sales & Service
Business Type: Bank machine installation, security systems
Address: 110 W. Walnut Street
Phone: 309-247-3496

Name: San Jose Christian Church
Business Type: Church
Address: 205 E. Race Street, San Jose
Phone: 309-232-2051

Name: San Jose United Methodist Church
Business Type: Church
Address: 600 S. 1st Street, San Jose, IL
Phone: 309-247-3232
Web Address: www.sanjoseumc.org


Name: St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Business Type: Church
Address: 15757 N CR 3600E, San Jose, IL
Phone: 217-482-5822



 G through L

Name: Greenhaven Animal Clinic
Business Type: Veterinary Care
Address: 30 US-136, San Jose,IL
Phone: 309-247-3231
Web Address: www.greenhavenanimalclinic.com

Name: Havana National Bank
Business Type: Financial Institution
Address: 300 S. 2nd Street
Phone: 309-247-3216
Web Address: www.havanabank.com


Name: Hospital, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
Business Type: Hospital, Doctor Services, Emergency Medical Care
Address: 200 Stahlhut Dr, Lincoln, IL
Phone: 217-732-2161
Web Address: http://www.almh.org/

Name: Hospital, Pekin Memorial Hospital

Business Type: Hospital, Doctor Service, Emergency Medical Care
Address: 600 S. 13th Street, Pekin, IL
Phone: 309-347-1151
Web Address: http://www.pekinhospital.org/

Name: Hospital, Mason District Hospital

Business Type: Hospital, Doctor Services, Emergency Medical Care
Address: 615 N. Promenade, Havana, IL
Phone: 309-543-4431
Web Address: http://www.masondistricthospital.org/

Name: Illini Outlaw Diesel
Business Type: Mechanic
Address: 502 N. 1st Street
Phone: 309-247-4052


 M through R


Name: Mediacom Cable Company
Business Type: Cable Service
Phone: 866-755-2225


Name: Mason County Health Department
Business Type: Government
Address:1002 E. Laurel Ave, Havana, IL
Phone: 309-543-2201

Name: Mason County Housing Authority

Business Type: Government
Address: 201 E. Hurst Street, Havana, IL
Phone: 309-543-4515

Name: Mason County Public Aid Office

Business Type: Government
Address: 323 W. Main Street, Havana, IL
Phone: 309-543-3329

Name: Mason County Secretary of State Office

Business Type: Government, Driver's License Facility
Address: 210 S. Prairie Ridge Drive, Havana, IL
Phone: 309-543-4229

Name: Logan County Health Department/Public Aid Office

Business Type: Government
Address: 1550 4th Street, Lincoln, IL
Phone: 217-735-2306

Name: Logan County Housing Authority
Business Type: Government
Address: 1028 N. College St, Lincoln, IL
Phone: 217-732-7776

Name: Logan County Secretary of State
Business Type: Government, Drier's License Facility
Address: 2200 N. Kickapoo Street, Lincoln, IL 
Phone: 217-732-7617


 S through Z


Name: San Jose Storage
Business Type: Storage Units
Phone: 309-340-4473
Email: info@SanJoseStorageIL.com
Web Address: www.SanJoseStorageIL.com  


Name: San Jose Village Hall
Business Type: Government
Address: 309 S. 2nd Street, San Jose
Phone: 309-247-3332  
Email: villagesanjose@gmail.com 
Web Address: www.sanjoseil.com
Facebook: San Jose, IL

Name: United States Post Office
Business Type: Postal Services
Address: 207 W. Vine Street, San Jose
Phone: 309-247-3211
Web Address: